A new baby, a new chemical-free solution

Hi, I'm Abigail, and my husband Tim and I have two boys. Xavier is 4 and Max is almost 3 months old.

Having a baby is not good for the environment. Have you looked at the amount of trash we generate for our babies? Diapers, wipes, and so many creepy chemicals! When our little guy showed up for his first doctor's appointment already sporting the beginnings of a red, angry bottom I got to work figuring out a better solution.

Bumazing combines all natural and organic ingredients with an ecofriendly biodegradable compostable tube. It turned out that putting it into a stick made it easy to get into all the "cracks" without getting your fingers dirty.

I hope you like it. We do, and Max's bum still looks, well, Bumazing!

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